Untitled 3, 2012, Acrylic on Canvas, 150X200cm
Image Courtesy of the Artist and The Third Line
Born in Tehran, Golnaz Fathi is the epitome of dedication and innovative expression; she is a self taught painter and has spent year on year perfecting her calligraphic hand.

Untitled 6,2012, Acrylics on Canvas 150X200cm
Image Courtesy of the Artist and The Third Line
Fathi’s devotion to the art of calligraphy is unparallel; she gained a Diploma in Iranian Calligraphy from the Iranian Society of Calligraphy (ISC) in Tehran and was later awarded the Best Female Calligraphist by the ISC. However like a true master she has taken her expression of the style of writing to new heights; she is keen to emphasize the aesthetic beauty of the shapes produced by the writing style rather than the literal word.Together with her strong brushstrokes and vibrant colours Golnaz combines her unique calligraphic style to create a visual explosion on her canvas that is non- other than authentic.

Untitled 4, 2012, Acrylics on Canvas, 150X200cm
Image Courtesy of the Artist and The Third Line
Her upcoming exhibition at the Third Line Gallery is entitled ‘Falling leaves’ and it opens on Tuesday 22rd January and runs up until March 7th.  The body of work was inspired from the Iranian text of ‘Shahnameh’ and its central theme. The 'Shahnameh' or ‘the Epic of Kings’ was written by Ferdowsi the Persian poet between c. 977 and 1010.AD. It is the national epic of Iran and tells the tales of Persian heroes. Golnaz is keen to assert that the futile nature of the wars is still relevant today in the Iran she knows. In terms of aesthetics, her collection strays from her usual abstract approach to a more figurative approach; however she maintains her signature calligraphic style.

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