Are you interested in a career in fashion? 

If yes, check out this great video discussing MA Vs Employment with Hilary Alexander a Trustee of Graduate Fashion Week, Professor Wendy Dagworthy the Head of Fashion at the Royal College of Art and Cressida Pye the Owner and Director of Smith and Pye.

Volunteering Opportunities during Art Dubai

Caspian Arts Foundation will participate in Art Dubai in March. We will co-organise a highly interactive panel discussion with The Moving Museum addressing ‘New Directions: Art Education in the Middle East’ at the Global Art Forum Tent, Fort Island on Friday 22nd March. The panelists will address three main themes: the current art scene in the Middle East, the role of education as a catalyst for the future evolvement of arts and culture as well as proposals for supporting the next generation of artists in the region and their education in the arts.

In order to make sure the upcoming panel will run successfully, we are looking for 2-3 volunteers to assist our staff on the panel, which consists of handing out brochures, collecting information from guests and some other assistance.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us by sending your CV to: by 7th March 2013.

Caspian Arts Foundation
14th February 2013


Study in V/2 (2013)

Mehraneh Atashi is an internationally acclaimed artist from Tehran. She has contributed to exhibitions around the world and her work is currently being showcased as part of the Light from the Middle East exhibition at the V&A in London, which will be exhibited until 13 April, 2013. She has developed a distinct style of putting herself in the picture and making herself relevant to the photography process and the context in which she is shooting.

Study in V/2 (2012)

‘My interest in self-portrait is twofold: on the one hand is inserting myself into a genre and establishing a relationship with photography as both a medium and an apparatus. On the other hand self-portrait is a mode of re-capturing a visual space, an attempt to re-claim a space in the picture plane hijacked by forces of power, a space within which I am trying to insert myself. I am interested in where these two approaches to self-portraiture collide: photography and power.’[1]

Study in V/2 (2012)

Her current project, ‘Study in V’ stays true to her style of having a presence in her pictures through self-portraits, are now replaced with her fingers in the ‘V’ or peace sign. Influenced by Ai Ai Wewei’s ‘Finger’ series, every picture she has taken is obstructed by this sign so as to create an interference in the space in which it occupies, hence cleverly reflecting the current political reality and resistance Iranians face today. The 'V' sign can also be interpreted into different meanings in different cultures: this was used as 'peace' during Iran's 2008 Green Movement.

Study in V/2, Veniz (2012)

Study in V/2 (2013)

(All images courtesy of the artist)




The BFI Film Festival returns on 16 February with an exciting selection of film screening, events and activities that are designed to help and inspire future film makers. For more information check out their website or facebook page. 


Hear some inspiring speeches from the winners of the BAFTA awards by clicking here. Stephen Fry's closing speech was especially moving, encouraging young film makers to continue with their dreams to make films for future generations.