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The viewpoint of a recent arts graduate:  Emily Browne
1. Many artists work freelance.  41% of creative workers are self-employed. Temporary work contracts can make for an interesting and varied career, though periods of unemployment between jobs are a reality for some artists.
2. Freelance artists budget carefully. Being self-employed means you are without pension, holiday pay or maternity benefits. Contingencies such as falling ill or having children require pre-emptive financial planning.
3. Artists self-promote. Having a good online presence shows employers that you are self-motivated and digitally literate.
4. Artists love socialising. Networking events are the art world's equivalent to job hunting, but with less misery and more booze. Whether you're searching for commissions or trying to advance your career, networking gives you the chance to meet industry professionals
5. Many artists form collectives to publicise and exhibit their work.
6. It's all about your portfolio. The visual arts are less grade-centric than other disciplines. You should focus on making your portfolio the best you can possibly make it. A good body of work speaks louder than grades.
7. Some artists supplement their income with a second job. Doing so gives them financial security while they exercise their creative passions.
8. Many artists take on internships to help kick-start their career. Working for a company can prepare you with essential industry skills and improve your employability.
9. Job opportunities are growing. There are currently over 1.9 million people working in the creative industries in the UK.
10. The creative sector is characterised by high levels of job satisfaction. As a result, the industry is highly competitive and jobs are sought after.
Credit: Emily Browne ( article featured in The Guardian) 

CAF in 2013

CAF in 2013: Events, Scholarships & Discussions.

The year 2013 has brought a fresh dose of enthusiasm and energy for CAF and the year is materialising to be an exciting one for us. We have a positive outlook on what is to come as we expand our presence and share our message further.

Our year kicked off with our first panel discussion at Sotheby’s (London) on January 23rd. It was nothing less than a success as our distinguished panel ensured an engaging discussion on the relationship between art and culture.To read the full press click here. Its success has spurred positive energy and CAF recently hosted another panel discussion on Friday 22nd March at Art Dubai as part of the VIP programme. Part of our ‘New Directions’ series, this particular talk ‘Art Education in the Middle East,’ explored the issues and challenges surrounding education in the arts, specifically for the Middle East & its emergence of aspiring artists. This talk was held in collaboration with The Moving Museum, moderated by CAF’s committee member Alia Al Senussi and introduced by CAF’s founder, Nina Mahdavi. Panellists included Myrna Ayad, Stephen Beddoe, Dana Farouki & artist Soheila Sokhanvari. 

The first part of the series, 'New Directions: The Artist's Evolution,' took place on Thursday 21st March on Resonance FM's Six Pillars and was chaired by Fari Bradley and included speakers Stephen Beddoe and Sophia Al-Maria.

July will see the start of the Shubbak Festival in London and CAF will take part in a 2 day major conference at SOAS led by Art Tomorrow magazine’s Hamid Keshmershekan: ‘Global Vis-A-Vis: Contemporary Middle Eastern Studies’. Speakers from major institutions and academies from around the world will take part in this programme, discussing themes around contemporary art from the Middle East in its extended historical and global perspective. Tickets will go on sale and Caspian Arts Foundation will be giving a few free tickets away for our supporters & readers. Announcement of  this will be made in April.

Not only will the summer bring sunshine but we intend to announce this year's scholarship awardees between the 22nd and 26th July. A select few aspiring artists will receive a ‘life changing opportunity’ to complete an MA in Fine Art, Film, Photography or Fashion at one of the prestigious University of the Arts London colleges.For more information and to keep up with our news, including how you can get involved, follow us on Twitter (@caspianarts) and Facebook(